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About Us

At Curious Kids we are committed to providing a high-quality care in a safe, nurturing and innovative environment. We believe that all children are unique individuals who develop at their own rate and in accordance with the National Quality Standards,  our daily program is written to provide for each child’s current individual knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities, strengths and interests.


We believe in creating an environment where children are supported to feel secure, confident and included, and believe in maintaining respectful and supportive relationships with families. We endeavour to provide aesthetically pleasing environments that provide moments for intentional teaching to scaffold children's learning and development in a play-based curriculum. We believe in holistic development of each child, and strive to allow the children to become independent learners who can confidently make choices, solve problems and are supported to guide their own learning. 

We offer a rich 'school readiness' program and believe that on a daily basis our children are being equipped with the skills, not only to be ready for their transition to school, but with skills for life. 

Should you require further information regarding our service, please do not hesitate to call us on 4297 7393 or email -

Please read the following Parent Testimonials to hear more about our centre and the program we provide.

"The most important thing to me is that I feel safe and comforted in knowing that when I go to work, I am leaving my children in the care of professional, loving and caring educators who have their best interests at heart. Congratulations Curious Kids on a wonderful environment you have created" - Susan 

"Everyday we walk in the door and are greeted with a plethora of excitement and wonder. The stimulation provided by Curious Kids is AMAZING! Our children are super excited to attend everyday and often say "I wonder what fun things they will have out for us to play with today"... this is all I need to know they are fully engaged and happy to be at school." - Brooke Russell

"Educator's cater to my child's needs and adapt as he does. They take into account my child's interest, and provided feedback each day. My child is always happy and content and I have 100% total faith in Sheree and the team at Curious Kids" - Gemma Bolton

"The educators at Curious Kids show a genuine interest in everything the children value or think is important. This shows the children that the educators care so much about them and their world. Families are always informed about ways/special times/events that they can be involved in and i feel respected when I discuss ideas or my opinion with educators. I think that the centre meets children's individual needs very well and I am constantly informed of what my child has been doing at school and am asked about what they can do to engage my child further." - Nicole Hill

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